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Please see our Scientific interests and Manuscripts to learn more about the science we do.

Lab culture

Mentorship and training are top priorities in the Fatemi Lab. Students undergoing a Ph.D. should expect to graduate as world experts in their research area with scientific research skills that are transferable to a broad range of future careers. I emphasize creativity and prioritize discussion of ideas generated by members of the team.

We are committed to fostering an environment of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as we strive for excellence in research, teaching, and mentoring. We want people from all backgrounds to make physics (applied or not) a satisfying career. Resources at Cornell that we draw upon are compiled here.

Skills and commonly used tools

Our experimental skillsets and tools include those in the list below. Although helpful, prior expertise in these is not required.
* Indicates open-source or free, where relevant.

  • Quantum coherent measurement and control — a couple useful papers: one and two
  • Microwave circuit design, fabrication, and packaging — a couple useful papers: one and two
  • Low-frequency quantum electronic transport measurements
  • Cryogenics, including operation of dilution refrigerators
    • This document (pdf warning) is a guide to the basic principles of dilution refrigerators.
    • This visualization is also helpful, albeit specific to ‘wet’ dilution refrigerators.
    • This paper discusses aspects specific to microwave quantum devices.
  • Nanofabrication and metrology: lithography, thin film deposition, reactive ion etching, SEM, AFM, etc.
  • van der Waals materials-specific fabrication: exfoliation, optical microscopy identification, heterostructuring, handling of air-sensitive materials. This review article gives an overview.
  • *Python-based experimental control and data analysis.

Other lab utilities that we use for communication, writing, and measurements include

  • * Color Oracle || Tool to make sure our usage of colors in representing data is accessible
  • * Inkscape || Vector graphics editor
  • * LyX || WYSIWYM-based LaTeX document writing
  • * OpenDACs || Open-hardware platform for digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversion at low frequencies
  • Overleaf || Collaborative cloud-based LaTeX document writing
  • * Zotero || Tool to collect, organize, cite, and share references
Friends & current and former collaborators

Anton Akhmerov
Landry Bretheau
Michel Devoret
Attila Geresdi
Ben Hunt
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero
Qiong Ma
Charles Marcus
Jonathan Ruhman
Javier Sanchez-Yamagishi
Justin Song
Steven Touzard
Latha Venkataraman
Sanfeng Wu

TU Delft
Ecole Polytechnique
Carnegie Mellon
Boston College
Bar Ilan
UC Irvine

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